Tim teaching a class

At Springs Wilderness Scuba our empahsis is on introducing non-divers to the joys of the under water world.  Therefore we teach classes that will best serve our students as they earn the ability to go out and dive on their own.  The Open Water course (when possible) is taught in the cleare fresh water springs of North Central Florida and if due to flooding or low water have sites that allow us to teach the confined water classes in a pool.  We also want to provide the most instructor time possible so our classes are kept to half the size of typical open water scuba classes. There will never be more than 4 students in a class with the average being two students per class. 

High school and College students get a discount with proof of enrollment and don't forget that PADI classes actually do count for college credit.  Any State or Federal park service employees are welcome to take the open water class at cost, email or call me for specifics.


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